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Normal activities like standing up, walking, or using stairs can cause knee pain over time or make knee pain from an acute injury worse. At RECOVR Acupuncture and Sports Rehab in Nutley, New Jersey, pain management specialist Alan Genitempo, LAc, DACM, treats knee pain using acupuncture, dry needling, and other alternative therapies. To set up your knee pain treatment consultation, call RECOVR Acupuncture and Sports Rehab, or book online today.

Knee Pain Q & A

What is knee pain?

Knee pain and other symptoms that tend to come with it, like stiffness or immobility, often stem from a group of injuries and degenerative conditions. If you’re experiencing knee pain, it may come from a musculoskeletal injury or a chronic condition affecting your joints. Some of the most common causes of knee pain are:

  • Arthritis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendinitis
  • Cartilage tears
  • Patellar fractures
  • Joint dislocation

Fortunately, knee pain is not an unmanageable problem. Dr. Genitempo uses alternative therapies to relieve knee pain and improve mobility so you can move safely and continue taking part in activities you enjoy. 

Am I at risk for knee pain?

Knee injuries can happen at any age, and for some, can leave lingering pain even after they heal. Your risk for acute knee injuries and degenerative conditions like arthritis goes up as you age, and with several other factors like:

  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Past injuries
  • Stress
  • Jobs that require lots of lifting and other physical labor

Some knee pain has a quick onset because of a rapid, acute injury. Other types develop and get worse with time because of repetitive movements of the knee. Dr. Genitempo asks you a series of questions about your knee pain, its severity, and other details before planning your treatment.  

What are my treatment options for knee pain?

Holistic and alternative medicine is often the best choice for knee pain and other musculoskeletal pain, especially in the joints. Alongside therapeutic exercises or herbal supplements, Dr. Genitempo might recommend one or more of these treatments for knee pain:


Acupuncture is an Eastern medicine procedure involving very fine needles. Dr. Genitempo inserts these needles along very specific energy lines, which may stimulate the nerves and muscles to elicit a healing response. 

Electric stimulation acupuncture

Electrical stimulation acupuncture works in the same way as traditional acupuncture, but with the added stimulation of electrical impulses through cables attached to the needles. The electrical stimulation of your nerves causes a neurochemical response in your brain, which promotes healing. 

Dry needling

Dry needling looks a lot like acupuncture on the surface but works slightly differently. Dr. Genitempo places a series of needles in points of muscle tension called trigger points. The needles relieve the tension, which may help with knee pain. 

Instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM) and massage

IASTM is a lot like getting a conventional massage, but Dr. Genitempo uses stainless steel instruments instead of his hands to compress your muscles and tendons. The treatment breaks down any scar tissue in the area and helps improve blood flow for better healing. 

Call RECOVR Acupuncture and Sports Rehab today or book an appointment online to discuss treatment options for knee pain with an expert.